Custom Solutions

As a professional manufacturer of panel furniture, we specialize in providing customized customer solutions. We understand that each customer has different requirements for board types, grades, and thicknesses. Therefore, we are dedicated to creating high-quality yet affordable products tailored to your specific needs and recommending the most suitable solutions.

Equipped with advanced production equipment and an experienced team, we can customize the boards according to your desired type (such as MDF or particle board), grade (such as E0 or E1 environmental standards), and thickness. Whether you need custom furniture for residential or commercial use, we can meet your demands. And based on your budget, space layout, and personal preferences, we will recommend the most suitable panel furniture solutions for you.

The customization process
  • Requirement determination
  • Design Confirmation
  • Make the sample
  • Inspect the sample
  • Mass Production
  • Acceptance and delivery
  • Post-sales service
The customization advantage
  • Factory-direct
  • Fast production
  • Many product types
  • Fast confirmation
The customization cases

As picture:

Appearance Design &color card& material
  • Nodic design
  • Modern Design
  • Antique Design
  • Simple Design
Color Card

We have many colors for you to choose from. Here are some classic colors:



We use panel as the main material, and other as auxiliary, including MDF, particle board, and multi-layer board.