[Surging Online Orders] Ganzhou’s Furniture Exports Reached 2.23 Billion Yuan in the First Quarter!

24/7 online presence, orders pouring in from the “cloud”…targeting new customers worldwide, batches of solid wood furniture, panel furniture, outdoor furniture, etc., are being directly sold to overseas consumers through international e-commerce platforms. With the support of Ganzhou International Land Port and China’s largest solid wood furniture manufacturing base, in recent years, there has been a bustling scene inside the Nankang Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park in Ganzhou City.

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“Nankang Furniture” is a pillar industry for the revitalization and development of the Gannan Revolutionary Base Area. In recent years, as more and more furniture companies in China have begun to enter the cross-border business, Nankang furniture enterprises have actively expanded their online sales channels. Ganzhou Customs, under the jurisdiction of Nanchang Customs, has conducted in-depth investigations and research within the enterprises. Taking into account the characteristics of a wide variety and large quantity of furniture products in Gannan, they have compiled a clear and concise cross-border e-commerce guidebook and carried out precise policy explanations on cross-border e-commerce. “In the first quarter of this year, we exported furniture worth 170 million yuan through cross-border e-commerce, a 50% increase compared to the same period last year.” said Liu Hui, Chairman of the Nankang E-commerce Association and Director of Ganzhou Alilang E-commerce Co., Ltd.

At the same time, Ganzhou Customs actively leverages the advantages of the “dual-zone linkage” project between China (Ganzhou) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone and Hungary’s Commercial and Logistics Cooperation Park, supporting Ganzhou’s innovative launch of new trade models such as “China-Europe Train + Cross-border E-commerce” and “Cross-border E-commerce + Rail-Sea Intermodal Transport.” They guide furniture manufacturing enterprises in their jurisdiction that meet the requirements to participate in the China (Ganzhou) Cross-border E-commerce Development Summit and the China-Central and Eastern European countries’ “Online Product Selection” Cross-border Trade Online Matching Conference. This promotes the accelerated integration of cross-border e-commerce with Ganzhou’s furniture industry, helping Nangang furniture enterprises to build an “Internet Silk Road.”

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“By relying on the ‘Cross-border E-commerce + Rail-Sea Intermodal Transport’ new model, we can save about 30% of logistics costs and significantly improve transportation efficiency. Overseas consumers have a better experience, and order volumes have also increased,” said Luo Liangbing, General Manager of Jiangxi Ruien Industrial Co., Ltd. “This year, our company’s export volume has exceeded 94 million yuan, tripled compared to last year.” The integration of online channels has injected new vitality into the development of Gannan’s furniture industry. In the first quarter of 2023, Ganzhou City exported furniture worth 2.23 billion yuan, a 70% increase compared to the same period last year.

Article Source: Jiangxi Daily

Post time: Aug-30-2023